Well she is absolutely Beautiful and high spirit ed! I would not trade her for anything. I enjoyed working with Alan he was helpful and polite My only complaint is your phone system long and confusing at times
Great customer service and the puppy is everything they promised , healthy and smart .great experience with them before and after the purchase .
Cody is such a Handsome dog & I have been told that by everyone that sees him & stops to talk. He is growing so fast & enjoying the Beach Life. Thanks to your Staff, I have a Life Long Friend. You guys have done a great job putting Cody in my Life!
Our Chase is so patient and polite! He's been a gentleman and a compassionate loving dog from 8 weeks old. He LOVE s hugs and kisses and is so affectionate. He learns most things in four or five repetitions. I don't know how they socialize these pups to be so exceptional in eight weeks but our dog is clearly the result or good treatment and generations of great breeding. He's been a blessing and not an ounce of trouble.
ow!! What a wonderful experience, I would give them 10 stars if that were possible. They are some of the kindest, most genuine people I've ever met. I canceled my order for a puppy twice due to Hurricane Harvey and offered to forfeit my deposit both times. They would not hear of it! I now have a beautiful, well mannered, well trained little gentleman. I can't say enough. I live in Houston and feel like I've made a new friendship in Arkansas. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
I went back and looked at pictures of sage and it’s remarkable how much she really does look like sage in her facial expression more than I expected but she still has that bit of moon in her as well. The experience of me coming down to your property and picking her out and taking him home with me was the most memorable thing I’ve ever done in my life - even more so than giving birth to my twins because I was completely Anesthetized and wasn’t awake to experience it LOL
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